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Maya's Daydreams


  1. a week in review
  2. having a body is weird!
  3. johnny.decimal update
  4. crochet project - neon coasters
  5. employing the johnny.decimal system into my notion life OS
  6. website overhaul
  7. on seasonal hobbies
  8. planning out the coming few months
  9. what are my daydreams - new moon wishes
  10. i managed to add an image to my blog posts
  11. Marry Me Chicken and Job Applications
  12. My website is one month old!
  13. Four Months Into My No-Buy Year
  14. A Dumbass Tries to Learn to Budget
  15. A Peek Into My Morning Pages
  16. A Love Letter to the Big Sur Marathon
  17. It's Weblog Posting Month! + 31 Blog Post Ideas
  18. It's Been a Weird Week
  19. My thoughts on minimalism
  20. An Observation About Browsing Without The Algorithm
  21. Website To Dos
  22. I need to declutter.
  23. April So Far