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Maya's Daydreams

I called in sick to work today because of my period

I callled in sick to my job today because of my period. I did attend a few meetings and handled a fraction of the avalanche of emails that are stressing me out, but for some reason I feel like it was dishonest to call in sick. I did not realize that my hormones would become such a reoccurring topic on my blog, but here we are with another period post.

I did not sleep all night because I was uncomfortable (not in horrible pain, which I was happy to notice), I was dealing with mild cramps this morning. And today, because I trying not to cry my eyes out because my husband is leaving for a two and a half week trip to see his extended family in Europe. (Don't comment on my commas I'm trying to take advice from Ursula Le Guin). I also spent most of last night and today feeling like I was cleaning up a crime scene every hour. So I called in sick.

I worked a little. Washed my pajamas (again), worked a little bit, watched Bridgerton, went for a walk (because my middle school gym teacher said it would help), picked up snacks on the way home, took a shower, and watched more Bridgerton. It feels like I took a day off and lied by using sick time. But I did feel sick. And I did the things that I knew would make me feel better just like if I had the flu.

Yeah, I called in sick today, and I really do feel like it was necessary.