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Maya's Daydreams

I am on a productivity soul-searching journey

I am still slowly making my way through my Johnny.Decimal workbook. My mission was simple, organize my Notion using the numbering system so that I could find my databases easier. For a week, I was basically tracking my entire life with a huge kanban board for all of my work and life tasks, thoughts, and reminders. I tried not to categorize everything to start and just let everything mix together and exist in one big list.

I quickly became overwhelmed. So I made a work and not-work section, and then I started filtering out things that I marked as finished just because it was starting to get confusing. My week of experimentation was over. All of my databases and dashboards were all stored in a page called “Everything else,” and I was ready to start to categorize my Notion. But then I started to doubt if Notion is really the right home for everything.

For the time being, I dusted off my old Todoist account and migrated over my little collection of unfinished tasks and thoughts, and started to look at the rest of my digital world. There’s my personal computer, my work computer, my google drive, I have an administrative sharepoint folder at work as well, several different notes apps, and tons of physical notebooks that need to be archived. I realized that the scope of my project was way bigger than my Notion.

I was hoping that at this point I would have a new iteration to show for my efforts. For now, all I have is this incomplete list of tools that I use:

I also finally started reading David Allen’s Getting Things Done... This has quickly turned into a soul-searching effort. Productivity is not something that I like thinking about too much, but I am also trying to have a system that I can trust. I will continue to document my journey.

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