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Maya's Daydreams

It's Weblog Posting Month! + 31 Blog Post Ideas

I recently set up my Mastodon profile. I am dubious about it, but I did come across this hashtag: #weblogpomo2024. Despite my better judgement, I want to go for it.

What is WeblogPoMo? #

Started by Apple Annie, Weblog Posting Month (#WeblogPoMo2024) is a one-month blogging challenge to post daily between May 1st, 2024 and May 31st, 2024. Anyone with a personal blog should participate!

Da Rules (my rules) #

Here are the rules that I have set for myself

31 Topic Ideas (some of these are very specific, but feel free to borrow from this list) #

  1. Blogging and why I like blogging
  2. My most recent trip
  3. More thoughts on decluttering
  4. A rant about how my insurance seems to really want to keep me out of therapy
  5. Anxieties about moving
  6. Book review(s)
  7. Recipes
  8. Fan girl about notion
  9. Write about the process of building the shrine section of my web page
  10. Document building my mermaid shrine
  11. Taylor swift album review (at some point I want to go through all of them!)
  12. Weekly general life updates
  13. A collection of interesting links
  14. An updated list of things I want to do to improve my blog
  15. Reflect on my first month on the indie web
  16. Write a post about my cat (link to his shrine, does he have a shrine yet)
  17. Write a post about Porter (RIP)
  18. Thoughts on no-buys and low-buys
  19. Publish more digital garden content (and be a little less of a perfectionist about it)
  20. A post about my relationship with perfectionism
  21. Mermaid shrine post
  22. MerMay art!
  23. Upload a page from my physical journal
  24. A post about my trip to the UK
  25. An update on my Japanese-learning journey
  26. Upload a notion template for folks 💖
  27. How has trying to embrace slow / simple living been going for me?
  28. What are some other things that I have been fixated on in the past?
  29. How are my 30s going so far?
  30. What have I learned about personal finance?
  31. I can’t believe I haven’t come to the end of this list without a post climate change-specific idea… so this is that post idea 🌏

It’s also MerMay #

It’s also MerMay which is an art challenge (think inktober) where you draw a mermaid theme piece of art every day. I don’t think that’s necessarily sustainable for me, but I’d love to mix some mermaid themed things that I have been working on throughout the month… maybe even get myself motivated to finally start working on my novel again!

Why Am I Doing This? #

I have been blogging on this page for about a month now, and I feel like the main thing I am missing is community. This seems like the perfect way to interact with other bloggers a little bit more! Also it was the motivation I needed to finally set up an RSS feed (easier than I thought it would be!!)!

PoMo Post Mortem #

2024 WeblogPoMo Final Post List

  1. A Love Letter to the Big Sur Marathon
  2. A Peek Into My Morning Pages
  3. A Dumbass Tries to Learn to Budget
  4. Four Months Into My No-Buy Year
  5. My website is one month old!
  6. My website is one month old!
  7. i managed to add an image to my blog posts, but...