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Maya's Daydreams

My website is one month old!

Here is the to-do list that i set up in this blog... once I figured out how to post... Let's revist my list... which I am realizing that I totally coded in a weird way... and let's also make a new list

Website To-Do List

❑ Figure out how to edit stylesheet completed 4/13/24

❑ Grid on homepage? completed 4/13/24

❑ Figure out how to edit the home page (lol) completed 4/13/24

❑ Figure out how to add pages completed 4/13/24

❑ Add a now page completed 4/13/24

❑ Turn this list into a page / add changelog have not started!

❑ Figure out how to set up webmentions still working on

❑ Start planting digital garden seeds started, but this will never be done

❑ Link to neocities greenhouse

❑ Join a webring? done

Looking back, I am honestly impressed with how far I got! There was quite the learning curve with learning how to launch a static website, but I feel really accomplished! Even if my page is kind of clunky... Here's an updated to-do list for future me to work on. I am mainly focusing on posting month this month, but these are the ones that have been bugging me while i click around...

Website To Do List #

All of May 2024, I will be participating in weblog posting month created by Apple Annie

For a list of other participants, go here

For a list of my topic ideas and some rules I wrote for myself, go here

Post 5/31