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Maya's Daydreams

on seasonal hobbies

I was beating myself up because I realized that I haven't been working on my crochet project as much lately. I felt like I was abandoninc a hobby that I have invested a lot of time, money, and storage space on. I felt really down about it until I started to think about how I have been filling my time instead, and realized that I have been making quite a bit of progress in my coloring books lately. Another activity that between the books themselves, and my colored pencil collection also takes up a ton of storage space. This got me thinking that maybe my hobbies are actually seasonal. It would make sense that being underneath a big wool blanket all day doesn't sound as appealing on a hot day as it would on a cold, rainy day. Similarly, sitting up at a table on a chilly day doesn't sound as nice as sitting in front of an open window and coloring and drinking water.

Anyways, I think I learned something about myself today!

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