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Maya's Daydreams

planning out the coming few months

My therapist brought up an interesting mindset for me to try on for size, she called it the farmer vs. the hunter mindset. As I always do, I tried to see if there were any interesting YouTube videos that I could help me learn more about what she was talking about. Unfortunately the videos were either literally about farmers vs hunters, investing, farming simulators, or videos of vegans arguing with meat-eaters... not exactly what I was looking for.

I guess from a mindset perspective, the names should be intuitive. Farmers are planting seeds and seeing the rewards of their small daily efforts after a longer time. Hunters are out seeking instant gratification, that one-off dopamine hit that will satisfy your current needs, but leave you wanting in a few days or even seconds in our tiktok-fueld world.

We have been working together on helping me process issues that are keeping me in survival mode, when I don't need to be anymore. I have to learn to train myself to be more of a farmer when I have always been a hunter. I think that we are slowly chipping away at the things that I am working through, and I actually do feel like I am doing so much better!

After my session, I went back through my list of daydreams from yesterday and started to map out when I thought I could maybe make those things happen in 10+ years, within 10 years, within 5 years, within 1 year, and within 6 months. Next I wrote down what I imagine that I will be doing 3 months from today, 2 months from today, 1 month from today, two weeks from today, one week from today, and tomorrow!

It almost feels like I have a little action plan coming along...

All of May 2024, I will be participating in weblog posting month created by Apple Annie

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